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Problems of Militancy Affected IDPs in Pakistan

Khan:Problems of Militancy Affected IDP
Autor: Anwar Khan / Anwaar Mohyuddin
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In Pakistan from last five years, there is a war inside the country. This war is against militant groups. The Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Army is trying to abolish those groups inside the country. This war begins in tribal areas and then move toward the beautiful valley of Swat and finally spread to the whole Malakand Division. The Government has launched a military operation against them. In this operation, army mostly damaged the public property and due to which, the natives had to leave their villages. They moved to other parts of the country. They left their communities, started living in camps, and rented houses where they faced different problems. After four months, they came back to their native villages and faced several readjustment problems. The operation and displacement greatly affected their families, economy, education, culture and development. Therefore, when they came back, the life was not as simple as it was in the past. They had to go through a painful rehabilitation process.

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