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Lebanese SOS Children's Villages

Saab:Lebanese SOS Children's Villages
Autor: Nadine Saab
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639162455

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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639162455
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During spring of 2006 Nadine Saab went to Lebanon to §conduct Minor Field Studies for her Bachelor of §Social Science. She decided to focus on the SOS §Children''s association because it was a field that §was unexplored. §She could only find basic information about the §association on the website, but wanted to know more §about the women that worked within the association §as mothers to the children being taken care of. That §is why Nadine felt that this field could provide a §great deal of input as to how the Lebanese society §is built and adapted by the inhabitants.§The ambition with this thesis was to shed light on §individual experiences of how village mothers viewed §their own lives at present and what meaning life had §given them by becoming village mothers. §Among other conclusions that were drawn after this §field trip were that the women are very vulnerable §to the social situation in Lebanon; most of the time §they need someone to support them since men are the §primary providers. If the women could not find §someone to marry they would need to find another §source for provision, and the SOS Children s §Association is one way to go.

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