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Vienna Bread

Scott:Vienna Bread
Autor: Charles Scott / James Scott
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Artikelnummer: 1024914
ISBN / EAN: 9783737201490

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"VIENNA bread is not now so popular in this country as it was a few years ago, and the reason for this probably is that the public§knows now what to expect when it asks for this article. You can humbug the great British public for a time, but sooner or later - generally sooner - it (like your sins) finds you out.. The British public has found that the Vienna bread it has been buying generally has been a delusion and a snare, and to a great extent it steers clear of it now. It is unfortunate that the British baker should lose§any chance of turning an honest penny, but when we say that in many places Vienna bread is nothing more than a piece of tin loaf dough shaped long, hacked with a knife, baked, and smeared over with bill-stickers' paste, then the only wonder is that the great B.P. did not find it out long ago.§But what is Vienna bread? Let us give a definition. Vienna bread is to common bread what the light Continental confections are to solid slab cake and plum pudding. It is not a bread fit for appeasing the appetite of a farm labourer. It is the bread of breads, with a sweet milky nuttiness about it which makes one think involuntarily of golden wheatfields and lowing kine." [...]§This fantastic reprint offers a lot of informations on Vienna Bread, including methods to make it and several recipes.

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