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Pattern and Trends in Venture Capital / Private Equity

Siddiqui:Pattern and Trends in Venture
Autor: Taufeeque Ahmad Siddiqui
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639334432

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Venture capital and Private equity investors are exploiting the vast and untapped potentialities and promoting the growth of the knowledge-based industries World wide. Their task is patently distinguishable from the role of traditional financial institutions since they accord importance to intangibles. In the epoch of globalization, Venture Capital has turned out to be a boon to boom business. The book is concerned with the issues regarding regional imbalance, sectoral shifts, changing scale of investment ,risk element for Venture Capital/ Private Equity investments in the post liberalisation regime in India and international scenario of the same. The book goes into the nitty-gritty of Venture Capital and Private Equity investments in post liberalisation regime covering the total investment, average deal size investment, stage specific investment, region wise and sector wise investments in India. The study makes a solemn attempt to trace out the major impacts of different policy packages which were announced for the growth and development of Venture Capital after 1991.

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