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The Apparel industry in India has been developed especially through exports. Indian apparels are being exported to different parts of the world, yet India's share in the world trade in clothing is less than 2 per cent. Approximately, 21 per cent of India's export of ready-made garments being exported from Tamil Nadu. In absolute terms, it translates to around Rs. 2,000 crores of garments being exported from the state, the two main centres being chennai and Tirupur. The study book analyses the export problems affecting the export performance in MEPZ,SEZ and EOU with the help of administering Questioner. The study book shows that the problems of export are low level of labour productivity, higher rejection rate of garments and delayed delivery of garments were common universal business problems among the apparel industry in all country including india. It is obviously found that all the factors are responsible for the slope in export. However, the competitive supplier counties in the world Apparel markets can be left if the Indian Apparel manufacturers formulate, implement and evaluate production and marketing technologies periodically.

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