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Determining the Need for a Student Health Service Center

Mello:Determining the Need for a Studen
Autor: Bethany Mello / Tina Lundeen
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Part of the leadership role inherent in practicing as a DNP is to identify a problem and take the necessary steps in order to elicit change (Chism, 2011). This work was conceived in response to a lack of health care for the students attending a small liberal arts college. The college supports its students by providing excellent academic opportunities; however, providing physical and mental health care to meet the needs of its students is virtually non-existent. This study s aim was to determine the campus community s opinion regarding having a student health center (SHC) located on campus. A survey was distributed to students, faculty, and staff in order to obtain the opinion of all those on campus. The distributed survey had a return rate of 48% which included students, faculty, and staff. The survey demonstrated the majority of those on campus (78%) were interested in having a SHC. In addition, the majority of those who responded stated they would be more likely to seek health care if services were available to them on campus vs. off campus. The detailed results of this study are discussed, along with further recommendations regarding future steps needed to make a SHC a reality

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