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Barriers and Opportunities for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of STIs

Singh:Barriers and Opportunities for Ea
Autor: Saurabh Singh / Ravi Prakash / S. K. Singh
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ISBN / EAN: 9783838387581

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In course of recent reproductive health research increasing concern over general health and morbidity status of women is given in India. However, there is paucity of evidence based research focused on various dimensions of RTI/STDs. Many epidemiological and biological studies support the hypothesis that STDs enhances HIV transmission. So it is necessary to detect the STIs at an early stage and have proper treatment to minimize the possibility of HIV infection. Although, sexually transmitted infections(STIs) control remain important prevention strategy for past few years,interventions at this level are often less effective due to lack in perceived severity of the problems affecting service utilization. Given the common prevalence of reproductive morbidity including STDs, a cross- cultural comparison of major correlates of young women's vulnerability to STIs/HIV was made in CHARCA baseline survey in terms of level of awareness, capacity building, improved services, support system and enabling environments. Present study analyses the CHARCA baseline data to find major barriers and opportunities for early diagnosis and treatment of STIs in selected Indian states.

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