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Programmable Matter

Riaz:Programmable Matter
Autor: Muhammad Ubair Riaz / Zain Javaid
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659306785

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There is always a fascinating idea behind every great invention, well today programmable matter is one of the fascinating idea. It all depends on a single name that is "Programmable Matter".By saying "Programmable Matter" it looks like fascinating name behind a fascinating concept but the science behind this project is very complicated because recently Intel research on that project and they didn't able to answer the basic question related to this project and MIT students also research on that project. The purpose of this project is to design such a digitized material; a basic building block which can perform computation, sensing, actuation, orientation, communication and displaying graphics at ultra low power as continuous abilities over its whole content. Programmable matter have many exciting application, like prototyping, shape shifting robots even houses and buildings; if developed could change their shape without having to demolish the whole material. The project touches various important fields of engineering, providing a comprehensive design for the project's realization.

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