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Eco-Friendly Sustainable commercial Aquaculture of Sutchi Catfish

ROHUL AMIN:Eco-Friendly Sustainable com
Autor: A. K. M. R. Amin / Hossain
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Artikelnummer: 1088303
ISBN / EAN: 9783639292022

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The book is written on the basis of the real practical research experience gained by conducting experiments in both laboratory and farmer levels. Feed cost is perhaps the largest operational cost in all kind of aquaculture. Moreover, in Bangladesh, use of complete artificial diet to get better yield is not possible for most farmers due to a lack of necessary credit. Furthermore, around 50% of the supplied feed is practically lost to environment as reported by many authors. Therefore, farmers can not utilize the full growth potential of fishes and are not getting expected yield from their ponds. The propossed technique by which better growth and production can be obtained are exploiting some biological events rather than using more feeds in ponds. Recyclic feeding management in fishes is perhaps Eco-Friendly Sustainable Aquaculture Technique for Sutchi Catfish in this regard, which can ensure a great reduction of feed loss and an effective use of supplied feed. In this way, Thai pangas farmers can save feed cost up to 30%. As the farmers are giving less feed in the system they can control water quality in a better way.

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