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Coaching Alaska Churches in Purpose and Values

Reiber:Coaching Alaska Churches in Purp
Autor: Henry Reiber
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639127720

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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639127720
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This project developed a seminar using a church §coaching model to help churches refocus by defining §purpose, establishing core values, and sharpening §vision. Surveys and interviews with presbyters, §pastors, and church boards refined the seminar §content and insured buy in at every level of §leadership. A representative sample of both bush and §highway churches participated in the coaching §process. Furthermore, conducting the church coaching §seminars with the entire leadership of the church §expedites the acceptance process and aids in §maintaining momentum.§ This project resulted in a continuing §process recognized and endorsed by the Alaska §District of the Assemblies of God. Ongoing classes §designed to help churches across the state to become §better at equipping, encouraging, and supporting §each member and each other as leaders are being §developed and taught. The Alaska District continues §to closely track the success of this project with §participating churches. The development of healthy, §functional, and dynamic churches has resulted from §this team building leadership model.

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