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Poecilia mexicana

Poecilia mexicana
Autor: Lydia D. Thomson-Smith
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  • ISBN / EAN: 9786130147150
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Scientific researchers have brought up evidence showing that female fish tend to be mostly attracted to those male fish which flirt with with other males. The scientists have named the homosexual behaviour of animals conundrum. Indeed, in the animal kingdom, homosexuality exists too. As a matter of fact, some analysts have advanced that male homosexual behaviour can be found in most extant classes across the animal kingdom, but represents a Darwinian puzzle as samesex mating should decrease male reproductive fitness. Research have been conducted on the tropical fish Poecilia mexicana which is also referred to as the Atlantic mollies. In addition to this, the Atlantic molly males signal their readiness to mate by using their genital openings. Scientific researchers have observed that subordinate males are known to nip both females and other males. Meanwhile, German scientists have detected that females found a colourful male more attrative than a drab counterpart when swimming side by side but they reacted better towards less attractive males once they had observed them nipping either males or females...

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