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Accelerated change in fighting poverty

van Immerzeel:Accelerated change in fig
Autor: Willem H.M. van Immerzeel
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ISBN / EAN: 9783838358680

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Good news!! This book is about the experience of a few rural development projects that drastically improved the lives of thousands of families. No other incentive was needed than opportunities for peer learning and prizes for the best participants. .. We are accustomed to open-ended projects, with high investments and modest results. Many believe that it is not even possible to generate the rapid and significant change required to eradicate rural poverty. .. The experience that this book illustrates shows that poor rural populations are able to break the poverty cycle, reclaim their future, increase their assets and financial means. .. The European Union found that Pachamama Raymi was the most effective capacity building system in use in their projects in Latin America. "Identification of Training Methodologies in EU Projects in Latin America Workshop (Chile 1995). .. "The methodology used for capacity development was Pachamama Raymi it allowed the transition of at least 20,000 farmer families from subsistence and food insecurity, to become producers of surpluses, enjoying food security." Pre-terminal evaluation mission of the IFAD project MARENASS. ..

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