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The Position of Psychographic Variables on Target Market

Sarli:The Position of Psychographic Var
Autor: Abduljalil Sarli / Rohaizat Baharun
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Since the good strategies focus on the consumer behavior as well as the feelings and satisfaction of consumers are intervening in the marketing strategies, therefore one of the most important approaches to determine the stragy is to employ psychographic traits of the customers. However, segmentation and marketing are not separable issues which are considered to get the best starategy. Moreover, psychogrpahic segmentation is precise strategy to understand customers who are divided to subgroups of consumers and their lifestyles with common characters and similarities. As marketers, it should be very important to find out the classified customers to grasp loyalty consumers and retain them.Consquently, the position of Psychographic variables has been played an important role in the marketing of products.Psychographic variables are related to lifestyles and personality values of the individuals who are as purchasers. On the other hand, they are considered thruogh such researchers to clear the behaviors of customers and consumption patterns.Hence, Thinking, living, and beliefs are influenced as factors in order to define behaviors as the result of segmentation and marketing research.

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