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Shifting Trends Towards Sustainable Agriculture Pattern

Rathod:Shifting Trends Towards Sustaina
Autor: Harishchandra Singh Rathod
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Any land that an Indian farmer owns now is mostly inherited from his ancestors after division among siblings. This has been going on for generations. After so many bifurcations, whatever left with each individual is just a small, fragmented piece of land, perhaps a couple of acres. So one of the major disadvantages of Indian farmers is the small holding and the small scale of operation. Due to this, automation and mechanization are not at all affordable given the low income, which in turn makes small cultivator rely completely on human labour for any farm activity. Amidst all these if scientific technique of Green House cultivation, if adopted brings good results. Green House cultivation helps Farmers produce high quality of vegetables, flowers and other plants from a small area. Adoption of Green House could become a boon for Indian Farmers as it is scientific and cost-effective. The study attempts to find out problems and prospects related to Green House farming practices in selected areas of Gujarat (India). This work may help readers get an insight of problems faced and benefits sought by Green House farmers in the area.

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