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Fishery Resources

El-Safty:Fishery Resources
Autor: Mohamed Fawzy Mohamed El-Safty
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Fisheries science is interested to the development of biological and water resources. Their field thus includes fishing, harvest seaweed and aquaculture including the biology, the technology, the sociology and the economic aspect. Fishing can be defined as " a gathering activity carried out by the human species at the expense of the hydrosphere as well as the water is fresh or brakish or salty and as well as this activity targets animals or plants " . (Bergeron). Marine fisheries are very important to the economy and well-being of coastal communities, providing food security, job opportunities and income. They produced more than 91 million tons of fish in 2012, and directly employed 34 million people in fishing operations in 2008 (FAO, 2010). Fish and fishery products are a vital and affordable source of high-quality protein, especially in the world's poorest nations. - In 2008, fish supplied more than 3 billion people with at least 15 percent of their average animal protein intake (FAO, 2010).

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