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Low Glycemic Index Foods

Bhargava:Low Glycemic Index Foods
Autor: Shipra Bhargava / D. Indrani
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639379556

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Recent upsurge in non-insulin dependent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases has accentuated nutrition therapy as a means to clinical management for keeping a check over such chronic diseases. In this regard, Glycemic Index (GI) has turned into a pivotal tool for nutritionists to assess the behaviour of foods in the human system. Further, it is being employed by food technologists to engineer structured slow digesting or absorbing foods. This volume discusses the very novel concept of GI as a means to assess the nutritional quality of foods. With a mechanistic approach, it couples the concept of GI with bakery, pasta and traditional foods. This book is the outcome of research findings drawn from various scientific, non-scientific and patent literatures. It present a critical analysis of the research conducted on aspects ranging from proximate composition, microstructure to complex food components in said foods and their effect on physiology with a biochemical insight. Covering nearly 100 selected, important peer review publications, it would serve as an excellent reference for nutritionists, food technologists and all research students in the field of food science and technology.

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