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Entrepreneurial Roles and Performance of SMEs: The Nigeria Perspective

Igweh:Entrepreneurial Roles and Perform
Autor: Florence K. Igweh / Anthony A. Kifordu
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Artikelnummer: 2040306
ISBN / EAN: 9786202525220

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The basis for this book was born out of the desire to reawaken for developing countries especially Nigeria the need to uphold very urgently the development of human capital through SMEs and entrepreneurship in our fast growing world. Nigeria, with an estimated population of over 200million is potentially endowed but the entrepreneurial spirit and practices are yet to become part of the value and cultural system as a people. Nigerians should learn to look beyond the mono cultural economic foundation that drives over 70% of Nigeria's revenue leaving out innovativeness a key performance index factor in Entrepreneurial Orientation SMEs in Nigeria have significant untapped potentials ranging from entertainment, telecommunication, agro processing (cassava, oil palm, and rice), footwear, clothing and garment, export revenue and employment generation. Tremendous growth in the SME sector can be achieved with the right economic and enabling government policies to support this sector. Most highly indexed African countries who have been more successful have not exceeded the capacity Nigeria can explore but it's the required attention that is affecting the Nigerian nation.

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