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Just Peace After Conflict

Just Peace After Conflict
Autor: Carsten Stahn / Jens Iverson
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Opinions over the nature of a 'just peace' are divided. In this third output of a major research project on Jus Post Bellum, Stahn, Iverson, and Easterday bring together a team of experts to argue that a just peace is not only related to form and process, but involves 'substantive' justice: a just order, a secure peace, and societal acceptance.
The interplay between peace and justice plays an important role in any contemporary conflict. Peace can be described in a variety ways, as being 'negative' or 'positive', 'liberal' or 'democratic'. But what is it that makes a peace just? This book draws together leading scholars to study this concept of a 'just peace', analysing different elements of the transition from conflict to peace. The volume covers six core themes: conceptual approaches towards just peace, macro-principles, the nexus to security and stability, protection of persons and public goods, rule of law, and economic reform and accountability. Contributions engage with understudied issues, such as the pros and cons of robust UN mandates, the link between environmental protection and indigenous peoples, the treatment of illegal settlements, the feasibility of vetting practices, and the protection of labour rights in post-conflict economies. Overall, the book puts forward a case that just peace requires not only negotiation, agreement, and compromise, but contextual understandings of law, multiple dimensions of justice, and strategies of prevention.

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