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Wrist Surgery

Wrist Surgery
Autor: Mark E. Baratz / Melvin P. Rosenwasser / Brian D. Adams / Scott H. Kozin
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ISBN / EAN: 9781588902177

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"How to" guide to 72 surgical procedures for managing wrist problems caused by trauma, arthritis, and congenital differences frequently encountered in clinical practice. All the readers will learn how to stabilize distal radius fractures, repair cartilage tears, as well as how to manage Keinbock's disease and numerous problems secondary to arthritis. The authors review the indications, the variety of techniques, and alternatives available to manage each disorder, enabling you to choose the best treatment for each patient's particular condition.

Coverage of operative techniques for percutaneous scaphoid fixation, total wrist arthroplasty, limited and total wrist arthrodesis, Madelung's wrist reconstruction and more
More than 350 quality illustrations provide visual aid to surgical technique, ideal for review in preparation for a procedure
Review of indications, technique, post-operative care, and alternative techniques in easy-to-digest bulleted text

An invaluable reference for practicing hand surgeons and orthopedists, this text will also be appreciated by residents, particularly those on hand surgery rotations.

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