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Sustainable Metal Extraction from Waste Streams

Chauhan:Sustainable Metal Extraction fr
Autor: Garima Chauhan / Perminder Jit Kaur / K. K. Pant / K. D. P. Nigam
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ISBN / EAN: 9783527347551

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Provides a comprehensive overview on developing sustainable practices for waste minimization via green metal extraction from waste streams

This book introduces readers to sustainable management and defines the challenges as well as the opportunities in waste stream management. It starts by covering conventional technologies for metal extraction then focuses on emerging tools and techniques such as green adsorption, bioleaching, and chelation. It also discusses the scale-up and process intensification of metal extraction from waste streams from process design to pilot plan.

Sustainable Metal Extraction from Waste Streams begins by covering sustainability-related constructs and illustrates the pre-requisites for sustainable management of waste streams. It then introduces the basics of solid waste handling, ranging from an analysis of the relevance, categories of wastes, consequences of untreated waste disposal into the environment, government initiatives, management strategies, and unit operations for pre-treatment of wastes. The book also looks at widely accepted, conventional metal extraction technologies like hydro and pyro metallurgical methods; discusses the possibility of sustainable green processes for metal extraction; and introduces the recently deployed coiled flow inverter process.

-Provides a comprehensive collection of the conventional, emerging, and future technologies for metal extraction from industrial waste and electrical & electronic equipment in a sustainable way
-Demonstrates trans-disciplinary research as an executable direction to achieve the sustainable governance of natural resources and solid waste management
-Presents a dedicated section on scale-up and process intensification of metallurgical processes
-Summarizes various aspects of novel processes ranging from basic concepts, benchmark performance of technologies on lab scale, and recent research trends in metal extraction

Covering a variety of interdisciplinary topics on resource optimization and waste minimization, Sustainable Metal Extraction from Waste Streams is an excellent resource for engineers, science students, entrepreneurs, and organizations who are working in the field of waste management and wish to gain information on upcoming sustainable processes.

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