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Waggon Wheels

Waggon Wheels
Autor: Hugh Colledge / Katherine Colledge
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Veröffentlicht am: 07.06.2018
Artikelnummer: 2184250
ISBN / EAN: 9781784543587

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New edition of the much loved Waggon Wheels, with an updated design and newly recorded audio CD. The 26 easy pieces form the second volume of the series and cover 3rd and 4th finger notes and slurred bowing.<br /><br />Instrumentation:<br />violin
The Boosey & Hawkes Easy String Music series by Katherine & Hugh Colledge contains four volumes of repertoire for new and developing string players. Popular with teachers and students alike, each title steadily introduces and consolidates new techniques, fingerings, notes and rhythms to build firm foundations for future learning.
Each title is available in two editions - one with a CD of demonstration and accompaniment audio tracks, and another with a piano accompaniment booklet plus access to downloadable audio resources.
The 26 pieces of Waggon Wheels form the second volume of the series. They cover 3rd and 4th finger notes and slurred bowing.


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