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Mathematics with Computer Applications

Sharma:Mathematics with Computer Applic
Autor: Ashish Kumar Sharma / Geetinder Saini
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ISBN / EAN: 9786138648208

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This book introduces undergraduate and postgraduate students to mathematics and related computer science.It is written in a simple, lucid and easy to understandable style. Each chapter has been planed as independent unit so that various topics connected which can also be read separately. This book is meant for students with a minimum prerequisite knowledge of mathematics. It assumes very little and any high school graduate should be able to follow this book. The intended reader is expected to have had some basic exposure to topics such as functions, trigonometric functions, elementary geometry and number theory, and elements of set theory. The reader is also expected to have some familiarity with some computer programming language such as C, although any algorithmic language will serve the purpose. Hints and answers are give for the problems in the exercise to keep the students for self learning. Salient Features: Simple and concise presentation of fundamentals has been given in each chapter. Each topic is presented in a systematic and simple manner.

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