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Data Mining

Vignesh:Data Mining
Autor: N. Aswin Vignesh / D. I. George Amalarethinam
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Veröffentlicht am: 05.06.2020
Artikelnummer: 2235543
ISBN / EAN: 9786138930594

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Data classification problem is studied by statisticians and researchers of machine learning researchers. Data classification is widely used in variety of Engineering and scientific disciplines such as biology, psychology, medicines, marketing, computer vision and artificial intelligence. The goal of the data classification is to classify objects into a number of categories or classes. The task of classification is to assign a class to the data object in a given dataset. According to Pima Indians data set, the highest reported disease in the world is diabetes. The classification technique is used to classify the patterns from the large databases into predefined set of classes. This research has proposed four different classification techniques, namely, Regular Covering Technique (RCT), Stipulation Technique with Advanced Decision tree (STAD) model, Iterative Technique with J48 scion (ITJ) method and Monotony Advanced Decision tree Graft (MADG) algorithms. Regular Covering Technique (RCT) generates classification rules from both continuous and discrete datasets. In this book, various algorithms have been proposed to enhance the classification techniques.

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