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Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Drug Transport, Disposition, and Delivery

Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Drug
Autor: Gus R. Rosania / Greg M. Thurber
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Veröffentlicht am: 18.03.2021
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ISBN / EAN: 9781071612491

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This thorough book explores some of the most important methods and concepts affecting the quantitative analysis of the transport, targeting, and disposition of chemicals within cells, which in turn impact the macroscopic pharmacokinetics of chemical agents in the whole organism. The first half of the volume focuses on small organic molecules with drug-like characteristics, while the second half delves into the cellular pharmacokinetics of biologics and other macromolecules, including peptide therapeutics, cyclotides, antibodies, as well as nanoparticles, thus creating a comprehensive treatise that approaches cellular pharmacokinetics from the different perspectives of pharmaceutical scientists, chemical biologists, medicinal chemists, and protein engineers dealing with very different chemical agents spanning a wide range of sizes, physicochemical properties, and targeting mechanisms. Written for the Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology series, chapters provide the kind of key detail and expert implementation advice that leads to excellent results in the lab. Synthetic biologists, biophysicists, and bioengineers are amongst the long list of scientists who could benefit from reading this book or from using it as a textbook. 
Authoritative and practical, Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Drug Transport, Disposition, and Delivery builds on a long history of drug development and the adding of quantitative methods at the cellular scale in order to inspire new approaches to drug development that are better able to take advantage of phenomena such as soluble-to-insoluble phase transitions or bispecific targeting, which could ultimately be exploited for the development of more effective drug delivery systems and therapeutic agents.

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