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Positive Leadership in Action

Ebner:Positive Leadership in Action
Autor: Markus Ebner
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Veröffentlicht am: 01.11.2020
Artikelnummer: 2292221
ISBN / EAN: 9783708920276

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  • Verlag: Facultas
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783708920276
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Positive Leadership is a management system, supported by numerous studies, that consistently leads to above-average performance, satisfaction, and motivation while reducing employee turnover. Dr. Markus Ebner's book Positive Leadership provides a detailed description of positive leadership and its proven effectiveness.
Positive Leadership in Action focuses entirely on the practical implementation of Positive Leadership: What tools exist for Positive Leadership? How can I lead a discussion in order to to reveal particular strengths? How can I give strength-oriented feedback? If something is not going so well, how can I give development-oriented positive feedback? What techniques can I use to analyse and systematically replicate above-average successes?

This book offers a comprehensive "toolbox" for implementing Positive Leadership with numerous time-tested methods that can be used well in everyday leadership. It is therefore a real treasure chest for managers, trainers, personnel developers, coaches, and everyone who professionally works with executives.
In addition, guest authors from various companies and organizations such as Lidl, dm, IKEA, SOS Kinderdorf and T-Systems provide practical insights into how they successfully implement this leadership approach.
This book includes a foreword from the world-renowned psychologist, Tayyab Rashid.

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