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Digital Ethics

P.:Digital Ethics
Autor: Tamilselvan P. / Ramnath R. / Mahendraprabu M.
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Veröffentlicht am: 09.11.2020
Artikelnummer: 2294857
ISBN / EAN: 9786138942696

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Digital Ethics is the study of how to manage oneself ethically, professionally and in a clinically sound manner via online and digital mediums. Every leaner that uses the Internet through any gadget like a cell phone or the computer for the educational or any other purpose must look at issues that prevail in terms of use, and access. Buti is a million-dollar question that whether today's learners looked at the issue and contributing to the better digital Ethical Society or not. Hence, an attempt has been made and studied the digital ethical practices among tertiary level learners including Internet Ethics Digital Privacy Information ethics, and Cyberethics through phenomenological study and revealed in this book.

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