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Our discoveries about the electric charge properties of chromosomes

Kanev:Our discoveries about the electri
Autor: Ivan Kanev / Jennifer Grove / Kelli Novak
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We spent over two decades in an effort to search and study the same electric charge properties of chromosomes that were doubted, rejected, and ignored in mainstream theories and concepts in genetics and molecular biology. Our searching revealed previously unnoticed similarities between chromosomes and the Tesla coil transformer, magic numbers in the construction of nucleosomes, and Fibonacci like spirals in the construction of solenoids. We studied previously unknown structures and events related to the interactions between negatively charged DNA and positively charged histones. We used the charge of chromosomes to reveal issues and to propose solutions concerning: (i) the construction and function of chromosomes; (ii) the mechanism responsible for the development of non-disjunction causing numerical abnormalities of chromosomes known as Down, Turner and other syndromes; (iii) the mechanism for the development of structural abnormalities of chromosomes causing cancer, Alzheimer and other human diseases; (iv) the mechanism responsible for functional abnormalities of chromosomes causing autism, infertility, mental and physical disabilities and other health conditions.

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