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Robin Rhode: Memory is the Weapon

Robin Rhode.Engl.
Autor: Andreas Beitin / Don Mattera / James Matthews / Robin Rhode / Gladys Thomas / Uta Ruhkamp
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Veröffentlicht am: 27.09.2019
Artikelnummer: 2365778
ISBN / EAN: 9783775746052

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-Winner of the Zurich Art Prize 2018 -Multimedia works with a Street Art aesthetic -Johannesburg meets Berlin -Winner of the Zurich Art Prize 2018 -Multimedia works with a Street Art aesthetic -Johannesburg meets Berlin

Robin Rhode s trademark is the wall. His works are influenced by urban music culture, film, popular sports, youth culture, and traditional South African storytelling. They are created in the public space, on walls. It s not about the statement that he leaves behind on the street, though it s about the process. Hence, in his visual short stories he captures the links between drawing, performance, and sculpture, step by step. No body without a line, no line without a body. With drawing as his starting point, he develops increasingly complex photographic works, digital animations, performances, sculptures, and works on paper, which comprise a content-related balancing act between South African history, culture, mindset, signs, and codes and the abstract language of European-American art history. This richly illustrated catalogue accompanies Rhode s first solo show in twelve years in Germany. Besides pictures of the art itself, the book also contains an interview, an introductory essay, and poems by South African authors, to which his work often refers.

Robin Rhode (*1976, Cape Town) was awarded the 2018 Zurich Art Prize. He has lived in Berlin since 2002.

September 28, 2019 February 9, 2020
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

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