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Autor: Ugochukwu O. Matthew / Engr.Dr. Jazuli S. Kazaure
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Educational technologies are the creative combination of computer hardware and software that allows for integration of video, 3D animation, audio, graphics, communication symbols, digital signals and text resources for interactions in such a way that information can be accessed interactively with any information processing device. In essence, educational technologies merges multiple levels of learning into an educational tools that allows for diversity in curricula presentation. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution had also played significant roles in transforming the digital world and assisted in creating a generation that is media-hungry and technologically enabled. This new generation that have spoken the language of technology from birth are using digital media for learning and communication while providing quick access to educational curriculum. This current edited book proposed an enhanced level of educational blending, e-participation, e-readiness and e-learning education framework that matched the standards for the smartest twenty first century educational platform that will enable regular and consistent educational engagements.

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