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It is always spring for the happy heart German English Kurdish

Glory:It is always spring for the happy
Autor: Powerful Glory / Augsfeld Haßfurt Knetzgau / Rudi Friedrich
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Veröffentlicht am: 08.07.2021
Artikelnummer: 2433982
ISBN / EAN: 9783754138342

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Then he told my mother standing by to get the largest knife we had in the house from the kitchen. I was scared to death. No, he said with a smile, that was fun. After he cooled my wound with a strong
The three family members mostly stayed in the spacious kitchen. When we visited Siegbert, we found him in the kitchen. One of the three always sat on the hearth on the watercraft. It was never warm in this house. Siegbert's uncle either sat near the stove or he smoked his hand-rolled cigarettes and sat at the crowded kitchen table. The magazine "Stern" was always lying next to an overflowing ashtray in a tinny coffee cup. Siegbert's mother regularly combed her hair and looked at herself in the mirror over the cast washbasin. She sang the song: "A ship will come ... and that will bring me the one ...". When Lenchen, as we called her, asked her brother a crying question, he replied with: "fucks me". Siegbert later adopted exactly this saying. When something didn't work, he used the words, like his uncle Adalbert, "fuck my ass". We in Franconia know the word "fei". One often hears: "This is beautiful or that is funny". Adalbert and Siegbert said instead of "fei, be", this is nice, this is funny ".It was finally summer. Siegbert had the idea of building a tent with artificial fertilizer sacks in the yard next to the dung heap. We separated the empty bags on one side and connected several plastic bags with clothespins. We put the tarpaulins made in this way over a wooden frame that had been built together and placed a few jute grain sacks on the floor. Rex, the sheepdog of the house, watched us waiting. When evening came we lit our new camp with a flashlight. Siegbert informed us that it was great. Sleeping three in a tent that smelled of artificial fertilizer was anything but pleasant for me. The plastic walls gradually started to sweat. The smell of plastic and fertilizer mixed with the manure next door became unbearable during the night. Solstice fires actually date from pagan times. A Midsummer bonfire is therefore always held on June 24th. John the Baptist was born six months before Jesus, therefore June 24th. He also helped with us. He ran errands on his bike.

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