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Promoting discipline in schools; the case of University Practice High

Bentil:Promoting discipline in schools;
Autor: David Bentil
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  • Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783659808616
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The study looked into the issue of discipline and how best it can be promoted in second cycle and other related institutions. The study area Cape Coast was selected as a result of its proximity to the researcher and also an area dominated by so many second cycle institutions. The school that was selected purposively for the study is the University Practice Senior High School and fifty teachers were sampled for the study. The study revealed that forms of indiscipline include truancy, stealing, drug and alcohol use, rude behavior, improper relationship between teachers and students and lateness to school activities. Causes of indiscipline as found out include home and family situations making students adopt improper behaviour, students not aware of rules and regulations, harshness of disciplinary measures and peer influence. Indiscipline was found to have detrimental effect on school's image and the students as well. Students are at times suspended, dismissed whilst teachers are occasionally queried. It also leads students to involve in examination malpractices.

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