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Business Game

Djordjevic:Business Game
Autor: Vojislav Djordjevic / Natasa Djordjevic
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659818127

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The author has written the book in an acceptable and popular way for the widest circle of readers and for the experts, revealing the business game as a method, whose implementation with the necessary knowledge can be a successful key for numerous business secrets. The text about the business game is an attempt to: a. understand the business by its entity, properties and features; b. better organize and manage the business, on the basis of the legality of its processes and actions as well as c. successfully practice it, on the basis of knowledge and skills of identifying and researching the relations and connections of business subjects, from individuals to society as a whole, on the basis of knowledge of the properties, especially the quantity and quality from the individual to the organization as a whole, from micro enterprises to corporations in general and in the internal and external environment. Business Game is a method, with whose application the user can solve or alleviate many dilemmas of business enterprises, business subjects and economy by segments and as a whole, in terms of competition on the market for the market and the customer.

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