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Numerical study of NOx formation during combustion of syngas fuel

Musau:Numerical study of NOx formation
Autor: Stephen Musau / Paul Kioni
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659810015

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Syngas is one of the renewable sources of energy which have found application as fuels in gas turbines and internal combustion engines. The combustion of this fuel results into emissions such as NOx, which is harmful to the environment. As a result of incomplete mixing of fuel and air in the combustion chambers, triple flames are formed, which influence the routes and amount of NOx produced from a combustion process. Therefore, there is need to understand the formation of NOx in syngas combustion under different conditions of pressure, syngas composition and radiations. The results presented in this book are useful to readers in both the industry and academia researching on combustion of syngas and NOx emissions in counter flow triple flames in combustors. This book is recommended for both undergraduates and postgraduate students.

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