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New Approaches in Maritime Transportation Safety

Khalil:New Approaches in Maritime Trans
Autor: Kareem Khalil / Ayman Akkoush
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659884795

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This book provides new techniques of safety wherein saving human lives in case of incidents. Until nowadays, incidents happen worldwide and are considered a major concern. Apparently, traditional methods of saving people's lives are not competent enough since human losses still exist till this moment. The new techniques described in details in the chapters of this book involve a lot of mechanical and electromechanical technologies. Their implementation might have some additional costs to the main costs of manufacturing vessels. However when looking at the losses of humans in disasters of drowning, investing in safety is worth the costs. Three new ideas are described for saving lives which are safe cabinet freely suspended inside a sphere shaped shell applicable for large-sized vessels, equilibrium fluid with entire ship perimeter water wing applicable for medium-sized vessels and hydraulic arms applicable for small-sized boats. The objective of this project is to minimize the human losses that may occur during vessel drowning incidents.

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