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The Vital Change You Need Now

Shoderu:The Vital Change You Need Now
Autor: Anthony Obasola Shoderu
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Artikelnummer: 363776
ISBN / EAN: 9783659470363

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Raised from an aristocratic home, Django, slim and handsome obtained a gentleman's education from a series of prestigious institutions and became a banker in a leading merchant bank. He got a firsthand of sharp practices of his bosses and became disillusioned about morality and religion. He turned his intellectual and physical endowments into daring white-collar robbery and soon became mega-rich but did not flaunt his ill-gotten wealth. In an attempt to sponsor a dying relative to Israel or India for an expensive treatment he got involved in prophesies which he discountenanced at first, until he had a foretold accident in which he fell into a coma for twenty four hours and two of his colleagues died,as also prophesied by Priest who later became one of his mentors. Sister Dr. Funmi Bolootan and her team were the angels of his conversion, shortly after coming round from coma. He made a 360 degree turn around, became a leading media organization owner, an Evangelist, philanthropist, using his huge wealth to benefit the needy and propagate the Gospel through a Trust he set up, under his proper name: Alabo Horsefall. His wife, a medical doctor was an asset to him in his changed life.

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