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Socio-Economic Status and Personality Of Indian Engineering Students

Pathania:Socio-Economic Status and Pers
Autor: Randhir Pathania / Dhirendra Tiwari
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In recent years, physical educators have become increasingly aware of the intimate relationship between the personality of the individual and the culture of the social class to which he belongs. Motivation, personality and socio-economic status are the three factors which are very much closely related in the effective management of the process of learning. The first lessons a human child learns are lessons of physical activity. The human body is secret gift of nature, its growth; development and efficiency largely depend upon the quantity and quality of motor activities it performs. Since time immemorial physical activity has stayed with man as a survival reaction. The necessity to keep fit becomes a priority in the dramatically changing life style. Socio-economic status is the status that an individual gets in the society by virtue of meeting certain norms of jobs, income, caste, education, possession, of consumer, article etc. indicative of his ranking in his hierarchy of social scale and economic level. Individual's socio-economic status may influence his/her opportunity for participation, his/her desire to excel, his/her choice of activity, and his/her success.

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