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Pathology Lab Technique

Baranwal:Pathology Lab Technique
Autor: Malay Kumar Baranwal / Manas Bajpai Akhtar Riaz
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659883354

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Histo-technology has continued to develop into a highly complex branch of laboratory medicine. The aim of the book is to deliver within the time available, the greatest possible amount of information from tissue specimen received in lab. This will be achieved if we appreciate that technique can cause alteration in tissue, therefore must be carried with care, skill and need accurate interpretation. In recent years histological techniques have become increasingly sophisticated, incorporating a whole variety of specialties and therefore there has been a corresponding dramatic rise in the level of knowledge provided by this book to trainees in histopathology procedures. The book has been designed as a comprehensive reference work for trainee laboratory technologists and the level is such that more advanced students, alongwith research workers, histologists and pathologists, will find the book beneficial.

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