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The Background Field Theory

Calvet:The Background Field Theory
Autor: Carlos Calvet
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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783638654623
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Scientific Study from the year 2000 in the subject Physics - Theoretical Physics, University of Barcelona, Part 1 / 7 und Part 2 - Part 2 / 22 entries in the bibliography, language: English, comment: This study consists of two English articles that describe the Background Field (Zero Point Field), which is expected to exist in the, so called, "Quantum Vacuum". Es handelt sich um insgesamt 2 Artikel auf Englisch, die das Hintergrundfeld (Nullpunktfeld) beschreiben, das im sog. "Quanten-Vakuum" ernsthaft vermutet wird. , abstract: The Background Field (BF) is an advanced figurative quantum model of the Zero-Point Field, the probable origin of inertia, gravity and EM fields. It explains too, why the speed of light is limited, and unclear phenomena like "antigravitation" and the Tunnel Effect by means of interactions between elementary particles and the BF. The BF fills up the whole universe and represents therefore a resistance to any moving particle, even to light. §Our universe consists of a BF located inside an absolute void space. We can imagine the BF as a 3-D matrix of virtual gravitons linked by strings. The tension of the strings produce the resistance, we know as "inertia". Contraction of the BF produces gravitation, while a spinning BF produces EM-fields. §If we made a "hole" in the BF, this hole would have no more any inherent resistance, thus allowing to increase the velocity of particles beyond c . Such tiny holes in the BF are probably the origin of the "Tunnel Effect . This effect is the first evidence for the BF. A second evidence for the BF is the higher temperature of the solar corona (up to 2x106°C) with respect to the photosphere (5,500°C) due to the high pressure of radiation that just leaves the material surface of the sun and produces large "holes" in the surrounding BF. The lack of resistance in such holes allows photons to accelerate beyond "c", thus gaining more energy and making increase the temperature in the corona.§Furthermore, if antigravitation resulted to be real, it would be the third evidence for this model, since it would be the result of competition between EM and gravitational fields for virtual particles derived from the BF. Experimental evidence of the BF would be the prediction that c increases in the outer space where the BF is less dense and inertia less intense. An anomalous behavior of gravitational attraction between celestial bodies could be the result of a hole in the BF between those bodies. §Finally, spacecrafts could use strong EM-radiation to produce holes in the BF and achieve practically unlimited speeds.

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