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Scooter Ward

Scooter Ward
Autor: Lambert M. Surhone / Miriam T. Timpledon / Susan F. Marseken
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ISBN / EAN: 9786131086618

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In 1986, Ward formed the band Grundig along with several other students; Sam McCandless, Jeremy Marshall, and Matt Loughran at Fletcher High School in Neptune Beach, Florida. The band played their first gig in 1990 at a club called the Spray. In 1992, the band released an 8 song EP called "Into Everything" and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Three and a half years later in 1995, Grundig broke up and Ward moved back to Jacksonville, where he, McCandless, Kelly Hayes, and Pat Lally formed the band Diablo. Diablo would only last about 3 months. At the end of that three month period Grundig reformed under the name Cold and signed a 6 album record deal with A&M Records. Ward would remain in Cold until February 2006 when, after several line-up changes and battles with record labels, the band decided to break up. Scooter Ward and McCandless promptly began working on their new project The Witch, which McCandless has since left.

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