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New Methods of Accelerating Reclamation of Soils Affected by Salts (Part I)

Varantz:New Methods of Accelerating Rec
Autor: Sahakyan Samvel Varantz
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Artikelnummer: 628825
ISBN / EAN: 9783639766837

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The salinization and alkalization of soils, resulting from accumulation of salts in ground and surface waters, is increasingly becoming an important issue in Soil science technology and Ecology. The salinization reduces soil fertility and has a negative social-economical consequence on people leaving on degraded lands. The reclamation of salt-affected soils requires significant financial inputs, which are necessary for transportation of chemical amendments, applying water, etc. To avoid these costly procedures, new technologies are developed for the reclamation of salt-affected soils which allow reducing water necessary for leaching, shorten leaching duration and significantly reduce the volumes of required amendments. It was practically proved that complex desalinization methods of leaching salt-affected salts like application of low frequency mechanical oscillations, three phase systems and their joint application, have clear advantages over traditional methods and can reduce leaching norms and duration twice. The optimum conditions of these processes are elaborated in theory and practice with regards to the frequency of oscillations, the amplitude and its duration.

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