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Apricot Oil

Bisht:Apricot Oil
Autor: Tejpal Singh Bisht / Satish Kumar Sharma
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Artikelnummer: 631944
ISBN / EAN: 9783659277405

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Apricot fruit is grown in many countries across the world including India. The cultivated varieties are relished for table purposes but the wild forms find little use for this purpose. The seeds of both wild and cultivated forms, although, can be utilized for oil extraction purposes, but (i) seed breaking, (ii) separation of kernels from broken shells and (iii) efficient extraction of oil are the major concerns of the processors. This book explains low cost technology for manual breaking of apricot seeds, mechanical decortication, low cost efficient technology for separation of seeds from the broken, shell, improved methods of extraction of oil using various enzymes, clarification of apricot oil and storage technology of oil. It may be of great use to the students, researchers, technologists and people interested in this area.

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