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Export Procedures & Documentations

Chougle:Export Procedures & Documentati
Autor: Sirajuddin Chougle / Abdul Majid Ansari / Irfan Kazi
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Artikelnummer: 639433
ISBN / EAN: 9783659542091

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This book is in a fluid easy language which everyone will be able to read and follow. Usually books which are more technical and theoretical need to be fluent to sustain the interest of the reader; this book is an apt example. It explains all the concepts, documents and procedures related to exports in simple easy to understand method. Care has been taken that explanations are to the point regarding the procedures and related documents without unnecessary elaboration. The book is divided into five chapters. Chapter I deal with export procedures, the subsequent chapter s deals with export documents, letter of credit, shipping documents and incoterms. Each chapter covers the relevant topics to the point with necessary examples. The reader will be able to understand the various terminologies of exports without the need of further references. This book itself shall be useful and handy as a reference book as and when required to one and all

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