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Autor: Vivek Dave / Dr Sarvesh Paliwal / Ankit Anand Kharia
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Aromatherapy is a holistic healing process for thebody and mind with the use of fragrances. The basisof this therapy lies in the essential oils containedin plant materials. These can be found in leaves,flowers, roots, seeds, bark and resin. These oils arehighly concentrated and when extracted, can either beused in a pure form or diluted and blended with otheroils to produce the required strength. Essential oils are medicinal and fragrantand travel through the blood stream reacting withhormones and enzymes. When the fragrance is inhaledthe nerve ends in the nose transmit pleasurablesignals to the brain which reacts to the positivepower of the fragrant aroma inducing pleasantmemories, restoring emotional balance and encouragingrelaxation and energisation. Many of these fragrantoils have antiseptic and antitoxic qualities andoften act as an antidote to viral infections,inflammations, aches and pains.

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