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Special Education Centers and Their Impact on Handicapped Students

Ahmad:Special Education Centers and The
Autor: Hammad Ahmad / Muhammad Adnan Bukhari / Adnan Ahmad
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The birth of any child has a major effect on the dynamics of the family. Some social welfare agencies opened schools for deaf, dumb and blind that was capable of receiving education in a school system. Such schools still exist in large cities, one in Karachi while other two are located in Lahore-Pakistan. The need of students of special school is the most central aspect of special education. It not only help teachers to plan, devise and implement modified curriculum but also guide them to create congenial classroom environment, set individual educational plans, arrange suitable educational resources, adopt effective teaching strategies, and select appropriate evaluation methods to improve the learning out comes of special children. A gradual realization has emerged that the education of a disable child is as important as the education of an able bodied main stream child. The special school system evolved in Pakistan as early as first decade of twentieth century; however the schools are not in sufficient numbers to cater all the special children. The role of non-government organizations (NGOs) is very significant in the development of special education in Pakistan.

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