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Cultural dimensions differences in management-Kazakhstan vs.Europe

Kainazarov:Cultural dimensions differen
Autor: Farkhat Kainazarov
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  • ISBN / EAN: 9783639660517
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The base of management takes different forms depending of its cultural origin. Management or technique that is appropriate in one culture may not be suitable for another. Organizations and institutions located in certain places predominantly represent specific aspects of the cultural environment of that particular location. From this point of view the western culture, which justifies western model of management is therefore susceptible to becoming ineffective. It has become clear that ruling systems in countries, such as UK, Germany, and Sweden are not the same and common generalizations have no profound proof. In the same way Middle-Eastern or Asian types of management generalization similarly aren t justifiable. For international managers, the main aspects, which have to be revised are values deeply instilled in those societies in concern. Culture expresses meanings that people use to personify various aspects of life, their attitudes and role in life.

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