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Exercise and learn English

Aguilera Almaguer:Exercise and learn En
Autor: Osmany Aguilera Almaguer / Frank Robin Miller / Madelín Aguilera Borjas
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659327711

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Joining the efforts of other specialists, we have set the objective to achieve a quick and effective teaching of English, so you can make contact with the literature and expert information that circulates in the world and, in turn, is fit to execute this language in social communication. As presented in this book is designed to be used in English language learning self-taught, so it covers the most important structures of the English language. Arise exercises where they apply the contents studied previously and whose focus is aimed at developing oral skills. However, to a lesser extent, these exercises reinforce the writing skill. In general, students develop the skills to ask, answer, reporting information and perform compositions according to the level of assimilation. The book "Exercise and learn English" contains the story of two families that go from London to Germany to spend your vacation, you will find her love, revenge, justice, maintaining a central theme throughout his study, facilitating the implementation of language in real life at the talks that are linked with this provision and episodic, which contributes to the development of this type of memory.

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