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Reproductive Healthcare in Mizoram

Khupchawng:Reproductive Healthcare in M
Autor: Lalmalsawmzauva Khupchawng
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ISBN / EAN: 9783659243530

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Reproductive healthcare is a global issue. It is a broad concept and very complex in nature as it can encompass many aspects relating to women s health and its associated environments. So far, there exist a dearth of research based literatures pertaining to reproductive healthcare about remote Northeastern India and Mizoram. Therefore, this book becomes the debut on this arena which may fill the long felt needs of the region in one way or the other. It provides a new perspective that Reproductive health is not only just a major health issue; it is also a developmental issue by systematically synthesizing the role of developmental factors, such as female literacy, urbanization, accessibility, healthcare infrastructure and poverty in influencing mother s health seeking behaviour. This endeavor will be fruitful for health practitioners, researcher, planners, human right activists, policy makers, legislator, lawyers, women s group and the society at large as each chapter consistently summarizes important findings for greater benefits of the readers.

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