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Progress in phytopathogenic bacteria

Abd-Alla:Progress in phytopathogenic ba
Autor: Mohamed Hemida Abd-Alla / Shymaa Ryhan Bashandy
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ISBN / EAN: 9783845442488

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  • Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • ISBN / EAN: 9783845442488
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Phytopathogenic bacteria contribute to a world-wide crop loss of roughly 12-15 % annually. Plant pathogenic bacteria impact innumerable and valuable agricultural crops,causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage each year. Plant pathogenic bacteria lead to hunger disasters of great part of populations. Basic knowledge of the diseases of plants and their cause are therefore important for everyone handling foods. Pathogenic bacteria affecting plant health are a major and chronic threat to food production and ecosystem stability worldwide. These bacteria are highly specialized to circumvent plant defenses and to efficiently invade tissues. As a result of infection process, nutrient materials are elaborated which the pathogen is able to utilize. Once invasion of host tissues takes place, secondary responses are initiated in the plant and constitute manifestations of the disease symptoms. One current area of the priority in the field of plant-pathogen interactions is the identification and characterization of pathogen. Understanding their evolution is paramount to establishing and effecting practical disease management strategies to reduce or prevent their reproduction and spread

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