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43025 Valusha

43025 Valusha
Autor: Erik Yama Étienne
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Artikelnummer: 676291
ISBN / EAN: 9786137852033

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  • Autor:
  • Verlag: Betascript Publishing
  • ISBN / EAN: 9786137852033
  • Bindung: Taschenbuch


43025 Valusha (1999 VW12) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on November 1, 1999 by E. W. Elst and S. I. Ipatov at Uccle. Asteroids (from Greek 'star' and 'like, in form') are a class of Small Solar System Bodies in orbit around the Sun. They have also been called planetoids, especially the larger ones. These terms have historically been applied to any astronomical object orbiting the Sun that did not show the disk of a planet and was not observed to have the characteristics of an active comet, but as small objects in the outer Solar System were discovered, their volatile-based surfaces were found to more closely resemble comets, and so were often distinguished from traditional asteroids.

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