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A Smart Control System of Electric Motor by Computer Interfacing

Rahman:A Smart Control System of Electr
Autor: Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman / Afaz Uddin Ahmed / Mohammad Faruk Ul Alam
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Artikelnummer: 682241
ISBN / EAN: 9783659414749

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The use of computer interfacing systems for controlling the device is spreading at an increasingly fast pace, with analogous wired system being substituted by computer interfaced systems alternatives in growing number of industries. As the technology progress many control system have been developed ranging from high end stuff to our common daily life. Electric Motors, located at any remote place can be ad- monitored and controlled. The process is mainly to communicate between the two remote controlling device and setup connection between devices which are to be controlled. The main hallmark is to get access to the controlling section from any location in a convenient way and supervising the system accordingly. The specialty is that the operator will able to control several motor at home/industry by using a single PC. An added advantage of this control system is that the operator will able to know the status of the motor to be controlled from a remote place. For controlling the motor a speed controller is also developed.

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